Agreement on the presentation of the products

  1. Adding a product to the catalog
    1. The products are added to the catalog manually by the distributor or automatically via integrated external systems according to the provisions of the terms and conditions.
    2. The distributor is obliged to place a detailed and meaningful description of each product. The description should be well written, comply with marketing standards and adequately inform the buyer of the product's characteristics and use.
    3. The distributor must match each product to one or more categories in the shortlist. A product should be categorized according to its purpose and product characteristics.
    4. Each product must be assigned to a category that defines its characteristics according to the tax classification to determine the appropriate tax rate. If the product is not properly attributed, VSG has the right to apply the normal VAT rate to the product.
    5. The product name should correspond to its proper name. It is permissible to use a product group name in the title (e.g. washing machine name, model). The title of the product must not refer to subjective characteristics of the product or unjustified strings of characters (aaaa jacket - cheapest).
    6. The product description must contain all legally required information about the product.
    7. Food - the description of the product must contain information about its ingredients and nutritional values as indicated on the label of the product, as well as the weight of the product and information about its expiry date. In addition, there is an obligation to provide information about the allergens contained in the product.
    8. In the case of clothing, the contractual partner states what the product is made of.
    9. The description of each product should include, as far as possible, its dimensions and weight and, in the case of bulk packaging, the number of products offered for sale.
    10. The product must be accompanied by at least 3 high-quality photos.
    11. VSG has the right to change the content of the description itself for a fee according to the table of commissions and fees.
    12. VSG has the right to reproduce the descriptions and images of the product for the purpose of advertising the product and the platform.
    13. Table of Categories. Each product must be assigned to one of the following categories. The addition of additional categories and subcategories is at the discretion of the distributor.