Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agreements.

  1. Advertising and promotion of the platform and products are the responsibility of VSG.
  2. VSG plans the advertising and sales promotion activities itself and has no obligations towards the sales partner in this regard, except for advertising measures as part of additional services.
  3. VSG can grant every buyer a discount code of 3% of the purchase value once a calendar year. The distributor is obliged to reduce the price by the value of this discount code. The discount is automatically calculated during the purchase and the Selling price of the products is reduced. The value of the discount code will charged to the distributor.
  4. VSG has the unrestricted right to use all content and images provided by the sales partner for promotional purposes. The distributor is responsible for the copyright and the rights to use these materials.
  5. VSG has the right to first promote products from sales partners who pay a monthly subscription.
  6. The sales partner informs its recipients, as far as technically possible, about the availability of its products on the platform.
  7. The distributor can advertise its products available on the platform on the Internet without restrictions if the advertising is done in an aesthetic way.
  8. The contractual partner has the right to place VSG links, logos and banners on its websites in order to inform its recipients about the availability of its products on the platform.
  9. If VSG provides the sales partner with its own advertising and sales promotion materials in paper form or other small gifts for buyers, the sales partner is obliged to enclose these materials free of charge with every order processed via the platform.
  10. The sales partner has the option of using additional services to advertise their products or their shop on the platform:
    • Promotion on the banner at the top of the page
    • Promotion on the main page between other products
    • Promotion in the siderbar
    • Display on the shopping cart
    • Display as similar
    • Individual discount codes
  11. Each Additional Service currently available on the Platform has its own commercial offer and price. The sales partner orders the service by means of electronic data transmission by ordering it and confirming the order.
  12. Additional services are calculated according to the individual offer for the respective service. The fee for the Services is calculated in real-time after the order is placed and added to the distributor's balance or collected via online payment.
  13. VSG has the right not to accept the order for additional services if the presentation of the product violates the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  14. Reseller enters product names and descriptions in one of the languages available on the platform. The VSG recommends adding products in German. The language in which the products are entered is the base language for the distributor, and the names and descriptions of the products are automatically translated into the other languages. The VSG is not responsible for the quality of the translations and the resulting errors.
  15. The number of languages available on the platform may vary at VSG's discretion.