Conditions for using the LIFE STYL corporate and Services catalogue

  1. The Life Style Catalog is a catalog of companies and services available on a single shopping platform hereinafter referred to as Life Style. The catalog aims to promote a healthy and vegan lifestyle.
  2. The registration and use of Life Style is not associated with the use of the trading platform and does not entitle you to offer and sell products on the platform.
  3. The administrator of Life Style is the VSG:
    Vegan Shops Gallery E-Commerce Trading Platform UG (limited liability)
    Ludwig - Erhard - Allee 10
    76131 Karlsruhe
    Tel. +49 (0) 721 5099 8925
    WhatsApp: 0172 8520 420
  4. A user is any business that registers in the catalog and creates their own business card and meets the criteria of a vegan business.
  5. The user can only be a company that offers or promotes a healthy lifestyle, veganism, vegan products and other products excluding products of animal origin. The user must not be a company that offers any products of animal origin or whose offered services and products are manufactured using animals.
  6. The final decision as to whether a user may use the catalog rests with the administrator. The admin can delete a user who, in their opinion, does not meet the criteria of a vegan business
  7. Registration for Life Style takes place by filling out the form at available form and its approval.
  8. With the approval of the registration, the user acquires an advertising service in the form of the presentation of his company's business card.
  9. When registering, the user selects the offer that he wants to take advantage of and undertakes to pay the price stated there.
  10. In addition to the publication price, the user does not pay any other fees.
  11. The registration fee is charged from the date of registration, regardless of the date of publication of the business card.
  12. After registration, the user can log into his account, complete his data and create his own business card. The user can edit all his data and his business card at any time.
  13. Payment for publication is due within 7 days from the date of registration and will be paid based on the invoice sent to the user's e-mail address provided during registration.
  14. In case of non-payment, the admin can also remove the business card without prior request for payment.
  15. Even if a business card is deleted, the amount resulting from the selected and ordered offer remains due for payment in full.