BIO Smoothie Bowl Banana Rama mix - My Raw Joy (200 g / 4 servings)

BIO Banana Rama - banana mix with lucuma for dishes and smoothie bowl - My Raw Joy (200 g)
Perfect breakfast Maybe nutritious porridge? Or maybe a filling, sweet and energizing smoothie?

With the addition of Banana Rama blend from My Raw Joy, every breakfast will be delicious and full of valuable ingredients. Add to water or milk and the porridge is ready. Blend with your favorite fruit and a delicious sheikh made. Sprinkle the mixture on your favorite porridge to conjure up a completely new flavor .

100% organic and natural ingredients made of real fruit and nuts.

Oat flakes

The richest in protein among cereals, oatmeal is a great source of B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium and magnesium, as well as a treasury of flavonoids - compounds with antioxidant properties. In oatmeal there is fiber in the form of a soluble fraction (beta-glucan), which is a medium for "good" intestinal bacteria. This fiber slows down the process of sugar absorption, binds fatty acids and cholesterol. ⠀


Bananas are very valuable fruits because of the high amount of vitamin B6 in them, which helps fight infections, and is also an essential ingredient for the synthesis of heme present in hemoglobin. Bananas also contain a lot of fiber, pectin, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, manganese , copper. Eating bananas can help reduce exercise-related muscle spasms and pain.

Coconut flakes

The highest health value of coconut is considered to be medium-chain saturated fatty acids contained in its composition, which accelerate metabolism and are a quickly available source of energy. Coconut flesh contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid and fiber.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar has a light coconut and caramel aftertaste. It is classified as a low GI product (coconut sugar glycemic index is 35), so it can be used by diabetics.

Plantain egg-shaped

Plantain egg has a positive effect on the growth of the number of good bacteria in the intestines and is a source of fiber. It helps to increase the viscosity of the intestinal contents, regulate the frequency of bowel movements and improve digestion. In addition, psyllium seeds help to maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood. Plantain ovoid can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Lucuma is rich in ingredients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants, fiber and beta-carotene. Lucuma supports the work of the nervous system, allows you to keep the skin, hair and nails in good condition.


Cinnamon has strong antioxidant properties, lowers cholesterol levels and regulates blood sugar levels. Consuming cinnamon is recommended for people who struggle with digestive problems, e.g. indigestion, flatulence, nausea.


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BIO Smoothie Bowl Banana Rama mix - My Raw Joy (200 g / 4 servings)

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