BIO raw almond cream - My Raw Joy (200 g)

Składniki: Migdały (99,7%)*, nerkowce*, orzechy laskowe*.

*składnik pochodzący z upraw ekologicznych

BIO raw almond cream - My Raw Joy (200 g)
A delicate cream of activated almonds, cashews and hazelnuts.

This raw almond spread is the perfect example that healthy eating can be delicious too!
This cream is made of pre-soaked almonds and nuts, which allows you to extract a full range of beneficial values from them. The use of activated nuts also makes them extremely easy to digest. In addition, this cream does not contain any sugar, artificial colors or preservatives, and all ingredients come from organic farming. The entire process of its formation takes place at a temperature not exceeding 42 ° C, thanks to which the ingredients used retain all their nutritional values. Plant-based and organic, 100% natural, activated almonds and nuts in the form of a delicious, velvety cream.

Perfect addition to bread, crackers, pancakes, fruit and porridge. Simply delicious, both in a duet and solo!


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BIO raw almond cream - My Raw Joy (200 g)

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