BIO White Deluxe Truffles - My Raw Joy (45 g)

Składniki: Nerkowce*, syrop z agawy*, tłuszcz kakaowy*, lucuma, suszone kwaśne wiśnie (2%)*, suszony rokitnik (2%)*, suszone maliny (2%)*, wanilia Bourbon*, sól.
Może zawierać orzechy laskowe i migdały.

*składnik pochodzący z upraw ekologicznych

BIO White Deluxe Truffles - My Raw Joy (45 g)
These premium class truffles are dedicated to all lovers of white chocolate. White inside but very fruity on the outside. They are prepared by hand, based on a traditional Belgian recipe. They are made only from the highest quality ingredients: cashew nuts, agave syrup and Peruvian cocoa without the use of any artificial and unhealthy additives.

They do not contain refined sugar, artificial colors or preservatives, and all ingredients come from organic farming. The entire process of making chocolate takes place at a temperature not exceeding 42 ° C, thanks to which the ingredients used retain all their nutritional values.
Plant and organic, 100% natural, raw, made of real fruits and nuts. Additionally, they have a low glycemic index because they are sweetened with agave syrup!

In the package you will find truffles in three flavors: raspberry, cherry and sea buckthorn. Will you be tempted?


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BIO White Deluxe Truffles - My Raw Joy (45 g)

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