HÄPPYSNÄX Chuncho Peru: fine chocolate 70% PUR with Panela 60 g

The chocolate is sweetened with whole raw cane sugar - Panela.

The bar is handmade in beech wood and weighs approx. 60 grams.

Cocoa Mass(70%), Panela

The board is handmade in beech wood.


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Chuncho is one of the rarest and finest cocoa beans in the world and only grows in a few valleys in southern Peru. The taste from the bean is characterized by its unique, intensely fruity and floral aroma.

The creamy structure, exceptional, fine, not bitter taste - that's the chocolate from the Chuncho cocoa beans!

The finest and rarest cocoa beans in the world. Which have been awarded several times as the world's best.

Our chocolate bars are lovingly decorated by hand in our manufactory. The chocolate itself is made directly in Peru from the best beans from selected plantations. People and nature are taken care of at all times. The natural manufacturing processes are controlled from start to finish, which are fully transparent and without intermediaries - straight from tree to bar.

For sweetening we use Panela - unrefined whole cane sugar. Panela contains twice as much vitamin B6 as refined sugar and is also rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and potassium.

The cocoa beans are slowly roasted at 60 degrees (we cannot offer raw food quality here). Aromas and taste are so intense, you will enjoy it!


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HÄPPYSNÄX Chuncho Peru: fine chocolate 70% PUR with Panela 60 g

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