HÄPPYSNÄX dried kiwi chips, raw food quality, untreated 100 g

Gently dried kiwi. No additives, no industrial sugar. Pure nature!

Our dried kiwis are packed with valuable fiber and vitamins. The kiwi slices from untreated kiwis are cut thinly and gently dried at 42 degrees and are of course without additives. The absolutely pure kiwi delight. Right at hand in the morning in porridge or in the office.


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Buying fruit chips - everything you need to know about our delicious snacks.

Dried fruit is not just a classic. Dried fruit is vegan and simply tastes good. Drying fruit gently is a wonderful way to preserve flavor and goodness.

The crispy fruit chips are also the perfect snack. In contrast to potato chips or many other vegetable chips that you usually buy, the dried fruit is almost fat-free and can therefore be eaten without regret even on a cozy TV evening. The products are also a good alternative to various other snacks for vegans.

Due to the extraction of water, the ingredients in dried fruit are relatively concentrated. The high fiber and fructose content of each dried fruit is remarkable, as they stimulate digestion and create a pleasant feeling of satiety.

However, you should make sure that the fruit chips you buy are unsulphured, without the addition of chemicals or industrial sugar and are gently dried at low temperatures. Temperatures above 50 degrees destroy the valuable ingredients. An addition of sulfur makes the dried fruit last longer, but is not well tolerated by sensitive people. The high quality of the ingredients also ensures an excellent taste experience. Under these conditions, fruit chips are the best alternative to sweets or snacks and you can buy them with a clear conscience.

How are our fruit chips made?

The production of the fruit chips is still done in the very old way, like with the great- or grandmother. The fruit, every fruit, is first carefully inspected. The best pieces are selected by hand, washed, and each fruit is peeled, cored and cut as required. Apples and pears come from the traditional cultivation area of the Altes Land.

The actual drying of the fruit takes place at a gentle temperature of 42°. It takes over 24 hours or even longer for the dried fruit to be fully dried and crispy. The fruit chips are then lovingly packed by hand in small quantities. The production takes place exclusively regionally in northern Germany.

HÄPPYSNÄX does not use any additives such as additional sugar or sugar substitutes in the form of syrup for the process. All of the sweetness in every dried fruit comes from dates, bananas and apples.

Why are fruit chips so incredibly delicious?

Our fruit crisps are free of sulfur and other additives. They are pure nature. That is why they are so easily digestible and have raw food quality. Each dried fruit is lovingly hand-dried to a crispy finish. Our products are therefore just right for people who value quality and traditional preparation when shopping. Our fruit chips actually invite you to snack like grandma used to. Simply in between, without a bad conscience.

If you try HÄPPYSNÄX, you can be sure that you will get lots of vitamins: around 350g of fruit is used for 30g of fruit crisps. That means: 30g of dried fruit contains the goodness of 350g of fruit. Only the water has been removed in a gentle way to a large extent. No added sugar or chemicals.

Which fruit crisps can I buy from HÄPPYSNÄX?

At HÄPPYSNÄX you get dried fruit in a wonderful, colorful selection. Always high quality, always made with love, always full of nutrients. You can buy our popular fruit chips mix and the local strawberry chips in quality goods from us.

Fruit chips mix

You should definitely buy our fruit chips mix. In addition to orange chips, lemon chips, banana chips, kiwi chips and dried pineapple, it also contains apple chips and pear chips. The fruit for the apple chips comes from the traditional cultivation area of the Altes Land.

The apple chips are a firework of taste. Due to its high pectin content, the fruit has a significant cholesterol-lowering effect. In addition, their plant fiber content has a positive effect on digestion. The pear chips are sweet, fruity and simply irresistible. Pear chips contain all the goodness of the fruit and are highly digestible. In addition, they score with a lot of vitamins that strengthen the immune system. In addition, they contain various minerals such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, copper, magnesium, zinc, iodine, phosphorus and boron. Potassium is great for high blood pressure patients. Calcium, magnesium and boron contribute to bone stability.

The fruit chips mix is not only suitable as an addition to muesli or yoghurt or for flavoring drinks, but also as a vegan treat for your favorite series. Tip: definitely shop!

Everything about the individual fruits from the fruit chips mix

Banana chips are almost a classic for dried fruit. The specimens are of an indescribable sweetness, with an intense taste. Dehydrated bananas fit into exotic recipes like curry. You can enjoy them in muesli or bake them in muesli bars or fruit bread. They go great with fruit salad – or you can simply enjoy them on their own. Since the fruit contains little water, about 100g of banana chips are made from 300g of fresh bananas. Accordingly, when we prepare them gently, banana chips contain about three times as much vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber as fresh fruit. They contain significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, folic acid and beta-carotene.

Lemon chips are rather unknown, with us you buy them in selected quality. Since citrus fruits contain a lot of water, here we need about 350g of fresh fruit to get 30g of lemon chips. That means it contains ten times as many vitamins and minerals as fresh fruit! The refreshing, sour taste of the lemon chips is a pleasure for many, especially in summer. If you don't like to eat them pure, you can add them to water or tea to flavor them, or use the product to conjure up a summery lemon (butter) milk. Like the fresh fruit, lemon chips contain a lot of vitamin C. This strengthens the immune system, improves the absorption of iron and thus protects against anemia. The citric acid content helps protect against urinary stones by increasing the volume of urine. According to experts, the antioxidants it contains slow down the aging of the skin and reduce the risk of cancer.

Crispy dried pineapples are not only extremely aromatic, but also a delicious snack. Here the fresh fruit contains about 4/5 water. 100 g of dried pineapple contain five times as much vitamins and plant fibers as 100 g of the fresh fruit. Pineapple not only contains plenty of vitamins, but also enzymes. Bromelain, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, is particularly important here. It can therefore help to combat stomach problems, arthritis and various other diseases. Due to the gentle drying of the fruit, the bromelain is almost completely preserved if you order the pineapple dried. In terms of taste, it is ideal as an addition to summer mueslis or sundaes or simply as a snack in between.

Kiwichips catch the eye with their exotic colour. Like the fresh fruit, kiwi chips contain a lot of vitamin C. Their taste is surprisingly similar to that of the fresh fruit - tart and intense. This product is pure nature. A crunchy snack with no added sugar or chemicals. The only ingredients are the kiwis. Dried kiwis are suitable as a snack between meals, as an addition to groats or compote or for muesli.

Orange chips have a fruity, slightly bitter taste, which makes them irresistible. Thanks to the gentle drying of the fruit, they contain plenty of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and improves iron absorption. They also contain bitter substances that are said to help fight cancer cells. The magnesium contained in orange chips is important for building bones and muscles. And the vitamin B it contains puts you in a good mood. The ingredients of 30g orange chips correspond to those of 200g of the fresh fruit. Absolutely vegan and without the addition of chemicals or sugar.

Strawberry chips are a special delicacy. Like the undried fruit, they contain lots of vitamin C, as well as manganese, iron, potassium and folate. According to studies, the contained anthocyanins protect against cardiovascular diseases. Polyphenols have an antioxidant effect and can thus delay the skin aging process and prevent cancer. The vitamins strengthen the immune system. So strawberry chips are the purest fitness bundles. In addition, strawberry chips are delicious and crunchy, yet fruity sweet. The dried fruit is simply a great addition to muesli, yoghurt or quark. But of course you can also simply enjoy them as a snack.

How can you eat the fruit chips?

Fruit chips are extremely versatile as:

1. colorful and attractive addition to school breakfast

2. simple and durable provisions for excursions and hikes

3. small reward in between instead of sweets

4. Topping in muesli or yoghurt - the durable alternative that you can always have around the house

5. fruity and vitamin-rich addition to porridge or oatmeal

6. Flavoring for water, juices or iced tea

7. vegan snack with no added chemicals or sugar

Why are fruit chips popular with all ages?

As a raw food, fruit chips should not be fed to children under the age of one - otherwise they really are suitable for people of all ages. Older people already remember earlier times when they go shopping, and even more so when they enjoy the fruity sweets. In addition, the low glycemic index of dried fruit is very good for diabetes.

Children love the colourful, sweet chips and don't even get used to the high industrial sugar content. Parents are convinced of the content of good ingredients and high practicality. Which foodstuff in raw food quality is as durable, as easy to portion and as easy to pack after shopping as our fruit crisps? Due to the high content of plant fibers in the fruit, fruit crisps promote digestion and ensure a long-lasting satiety effect, which is particularly attractive for people who have to watch their figure.

Fruit crisps are always to hand, regardless of whether muesli is being mixed or the snack bowl for the TV evening is being filled with a snack. They can be used as dried fruit instead of raisins in cakes or Christmas cookies, and are suitable for oriental dishes such as saffron rice or curry. Delicious muesli bars can also be baked vegan from dried fruit and cereal flakes. Cooked with apple juice, fruit chips make a wonderful compote that can be added to rice pudding or couscous as a dessert.

Why are the fruit chips particularly good?

Human cravings for sweets are genetic. Even breast milk tastes sweet. Why not satisfy that hunger in a better way? HÄPPYSNÄX fruit crisps contain no added industrial sugar. Their entire sweetness is due to the fructose contained in the fruit. As a result, there is no high sugar load in the blood, not so much insulin is released and the hypoglycaemia and ravenous appetite attacks a certain time after eating the fruit, which are typical of sweets, do not occur. According to experts, the low glycemic index helps to prevent various metabolic diseases.

Unlike potato chips or fried vegetable chips, fruit chips contain no fat. In addition, dried fruit is extremely rich in fiber, which in turn has a positive effect on the entire digestive tract. The high content of potassium and biophenols is good for the heart. And if the dried fruit has been dried at low temperatures, most of the vitamins and minerals that were already contained in the fresh fruit are also retained.

How are fruit chips stored?

Dried fruit is easy to store due to the lack of water - it is not for nothing that drying was used in the past to preserve fruit. The product should be stored in a cool and dark place once you open the package, in a tightly sealed jar.

kiwi (untreated)

*The ingredients naturally contain sugar.

nutritional values

Per 100g

Energy in kJ 1137kJ
Energy in kcal 271kcal



hereof: saturated fatty acids




of which sugars*


fiber 16.0g






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