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Raw Cookies - everything you need to know about our delicious snacks

Are you looking for an alternative solution to the conventional unhealthy and carbohydrate-rich sweets? Do you love raw food and gently processed foods? Then you are exactly right here!
Raw cookies are part of the HÄPPYSNÄX Manufaktur product range, which stands for vegan and natural sweets. The gluten-free biscuits are a great alternative to other biscuits or sweets that do not contain any industrial sugar at all. We process all ingredients naturally and raw, so the nutritional values of the vegan biscuits are very good. Few carbohydrates and lots of vitamins - that is the motto when processing and manufacturing our gluten-free sweets. The dates give the biscuits good nutritional values and a pleasant sweetness, which makes buying the snack in the online shop worthwhile! In the following we explain why our cookies stand out from the crowd and stand for a conscious lifestyle.

The manufacturing process

Our raw cookies are made in a gentle and unique process, so that the ingredients we use can unfold their full aroma. The basis of the biscuits consists of sprouted buckwheat, to which fruit, seeds or nuts are then added - that's all. The raw cookies are vegan and gluten-free and taste super delicious.

The manufacturing process begins with the germination of the buckwheat. We germinate the grain ourselves, so we ensure that we process the best possible result.

Now that the buckwheat has sprouted, all the other ingredients are added. There are a wide variety of variants. Dried or fresh fruit such as dates or apples, nuts, kernels or seeds. All additives used are regional or at least European and always untreated. Apples used come from the Old Country, buckwheat and various seeds from Europe. The mixture of added ingredients and the sprouted buckwheat is now formed into the shape of the biscuits and dried for about 32 hours. The product consists exclusively of the best ingredients, which are cut and mixed by hand. We process the cookies further by drying them at around 42 degrees for 24 hours and then lovingly and manually packing them in small quantities, regionally in northern Germany. We only add dates, bananas or apples to the product as a sweetener. HÄPPYSNÄX does not use sugar or syrup to sweeten the products and the low-carb product remains very popular.

What makes the manufacturing process so special?

Basically, we treat and process all ingredients very gently, so that no additives are necessary and, above all, nutrients and ingredients are preserved. Our raw cookies are made with love, by hand and very gently. Throughout the manufacturing process, we process the vegan ingredients in their natural original form and do not heat them above 42 degrees. Our biscuits are therefore gluten-free, vegan, without sugar and retain all their vitamins.

The 100% natural product has raw food quality and tastes like grandma made it. With the cookies that can be ordered online, we are going back to natural nutrition that is nutritious, original and free of additives. In particular, the sprouted buckwheat and the sweetening only with dates makes the biscuits an absolutely natural product, so that our philosophy of a natural and vegan snack is embodied.

Buckwheat - what exactly is it?

Buckwheat is considered an important part of vegan and raw food cuisine, is used in muesli, salads or for baking and is a very nutritious and gluten-free food. As a very old grain, buckwheat is one of the most traditional foods in Asia and Europe. There are about 15 to 16 species of buckwheat, six of which only grow in Asia. The grain has been cultivated in China for 4,600 years.

You can buy buckwheat online or in organic markets. Many supermarkets now even offer buckwheat for processing. The versatile application makes it a popular basic product, especially in the original and natural kitchen. You can process the buckwheat into bread, pasta, as in our case into vegan biscuits, pancakes or simply in muesli or in salads. A must for all raw food lovers and as part of a vegan diet! As in our biscuits, we mainly use sprouted buckwheat. In fact, buckwheat germination is crucial for the breakdown of the phytic acid contained in buckwheat, which would prevent the nutrients from being fully utilized.

Buckwheat is full of important nutritional values: there is a lot of protein and some carbohydrates and lots of fiber in 100g. Our snack lives on this natural basis: sprouted buckwheat, which provides optimal energy.

What different raw cookies does HÄPPYSNÄX offer?

We offer two different types of biscuits. Both varieties are based on sprouted buckwheat, are vegan and get by with the sugar from dates alone. The difference lies in the various vegan additives that we process. The first variant is "Sprouted Buckwheat-Mango-Almond", alternatively we offer the variety "Sprouted Buckwheat - Apple from the Old Country".

Raw Cookie: sprouted buckwheat mango almond

This version of our biscuits, like our second product, is also based on sprouted buckwheat. In addition, activating seeds and dry mango round off the delicious taste. We also use bananas and dates to sweeten the vegan snack, and there are also almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in the mix.

Our vegan raw food snack is available in two different quantities: 80g and 220g. So everyone can decide which quantity suits best. Nutritional values and carbohydrates are of course the same. The nutritional values of the biscuits can be found on the back of each packet. For 100g, the raw cookies have 20g fat and 52g carbohydrates, of which 20g are sugar. The biscuits also contain 21g of fiber and protein, and only 0.01g of salt. The nutritional values of the vegan snack are delicious and balanced. 100g of the cookies have 463 calories.

The raw cookies sprouted buckwheat mango almond taste fruity and at the same time a bit tart, anything but artificial. Because all ingredients are natural, original and without artificial additives, the raw food biscuits taste completely different. We process the ingredients to a natural result like we used to, so that our raw food tastes like grandma's!

Raw Cookie: Sprouted buckwheat apple from the Old Country

In our second version of the sprouted buckwheat biscuits, there are small differences in the ingredient list. Of course, we use the sprouted buckwheat again as the basis for the raw food. Apples, activated sunflower seeds, dates, activated pumpkin seeds, dried apples, walnuts and flaxseed are added to these raw cookies. As always, the dates serve as a sweetener and the apple as a flavor carrier and also gives the biscuits a little sweetness.

The nutritional values and carbohydrates of these cookies are similar to the Sprouted Buckwheat Mango Almond version. Because we only process natural sugar and otherwise only use natural products, all amounts of nutritional values are reasonable and in good proportion to each other.

Because of the apple, the cookies taste fruity and sweet, but also raw, original and hearty due to the seeds and nuts they contain. The biscuits are bursting with vitamins and are the perfect source of energy without having to resort to artificial additives like conventional biscuits. We use the power of nature alone in our raw food cookies, so that nutritional values and taste are balanced.

You can buy two different quantities (80g and 100g) online in the shop, so there is something for everyone. The raw cookies have 20g fat and 52g carbohydrates per 100g, of which 20g is fruit-specific sugar. In addition, the biscuits contain 21g of fiber and protein, and only 0.03g of salt.

How can the raw cookies be consumed?

Our biscuits are real all-rounders that are suitable for every age group and can be eaten at any time and provide energy. Whether it's small children who shouldn't eat so much sugar or seniors who are reminded of the more natural snacks of the past by the raw cookies: the cookies are suitable for all age groups. The cookies are particularly suitable as a gift for raw food lovers.

There are also no limits to the possibilities for consumption. The biscuits can be eaten as a crunchy ingredient in muesli for breakfast or simply eaten raw with a little peanut butter, for example. Also as a snack for in between at work or during the school break, on the go as a small energy boost or even when playing on the playground: the biscuit always fits! They are also suitable for processing when baking and can, for example, give an apple pie that extra pep.

Why are the raw cookies from HÄPPYSNÄX particularly tasty and good for the body?

HÄPPYSNÄX as an alternative to supermarket goods? Definitely! Our unique philosophy makes the sweet snacks stand out from the crowd. The biscuits are made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients that we process gently so that vitamins and nutrients are preserved. They are not only delicious sweets for in between, but also real energy miracles. While almost every commercially available snack from other suppliers contains artificial additives and the nutritional values are unbalanced, HÄPPYSNÄX does not contain any industrial sugar or other additives. We produce by hand and with love - our raw food snacks are definitely not mass-produced! HÄPPYSNÄX stands for connection to nature, to the origin and is a real family business.

In particular, our raw cookies fit into a balanced diet, regardless of whether it is vegetarian, vegan or contains all animal products. Without unhealthy fats or industrial sugar, the vegan snacks round off a wholesome and vital lifestyle. Whether child or adult, athlete or less active, employed or retired: the raw cookies are suitable for every life situation. The raw food is a great alternative to conventional sweets!

What is the best way to store the cookies?

The raw and vegan cookies are ordered and delivered online in a sealable bag and are best kept in this packaging after opening. It is important to keep the snack in the dark. Otherwise, you should store the cookies in a dry place so that you can always offer the perfect taste experience. It's raw food, so always keep an eye on the delicious biscuits if you don't eat them right away.

HÄPPYSNÄX not only offers the raw cookies, but also many other snacks, all of which are vegan, gluten-free and 100% natural. We process the fruit and all other additives, such as dates or nuts, gently so that vitamins and nutrients are preserved. In our online shop you can get to know and buy all our articles with precise descriptions of nutritional values and ingredients. Here you will find all the information you need to choose and buy one of our gluten-free and vegan raw food snacks. The online shop is clearly structured and offers every visitor a pleasant shopping experience.


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Our crunchy biscuits made from sprouted buckwheat provide you with the best energy and quickly satisfy your hunger with lots of proteins and nutrients.

Always with you, and you don't have to worry about reaching for something unhealthy when you're craving.

For our raw cookies we take untreated, sprouted buckwheat, seeds, nuts and fruit and dry everything below 42 degrees so that many vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

Our industrial sugar-free, vegan biscuits provide you with lots of energy, living enzymes, vital substances, high-quality minerals and easily digestible proteins.

Why do we germinate buckwheat and activate the seeds? The nuts and seeds are generally poorly digestible for the human body. Germination makes them easy to digest and the body can absorb many more nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The seed prepares to grow with all its might - the bioavailability of the plant substances is at its maximum. Many unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids are formed.

Sprouted buckwheat (30%), dates, apple (15%), sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried apple (5%), hemp (2%).

May contain traces of gluten and other nuts.

*The ingredients naturally contain sugar.

nutritional values

Per 100g

Energy in kJ 1900kJ
Energy in kcal 454kcal



hereof: saturated fatty acids




of which sugars*


fiber 9.0g






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