HÄPPYSNÄX Raw Granola Raspberry-Altes Land Apple-Sprouted Buckwheat 270 g

Raw Granola - everything you need to know about our delicious snacks.

A good start to the day also includes a healthy, nutritious and, above all, delicious breakfast. Many people like to eat muesli at breakfast. Especially the crunchy muesli - also known as granola - likes to end up in the bowls for breakfast. But if you read through the lists of ingredients of conventional breakfast muesli, you will quickly notice the huge amounts of sugar in addition to the small amounts of good ingredients such as nuts or flaxseed. This is not what a balanced breakfast should look like, because this is not the basis for a good start to the day. Raw food is much better suited here.

If you still don't want to do without muesli for breakfast, we recommend reaching for our raw granola. Included here are raw, unprocessed ingredients such as sprouted buckwheat, dates, flaxseed, nuts and dried fruit. The ingredients are combined in a gentle process and therefore contain only the best nutrients.

Due to the wheat, which is often contained in granola or muesli, it also contains gluten. This gluten can cause digestive problems in people who suffer from gluten intolerance and is therefore not suitable for breakfast. That is why the basis of our raw granolas is the special sprouted buckwheat. Although sprouted buckwheat tastes like grain and is therefore often equated with it, buckwheat is actually not a grain and therefore contains no gluten. That's why our raw granola is the perfect alternative to a breakfast with conventional muesli. Raw Granola is a delicious source of energy for breakfast, which provides everything you need for a good start to the day with nuts, flaxseed and fruit.

granola apple

The special production of the raw granola

When manufacturing our raw granola, we pay particular attention to good ingredients and conscientious processing, so that all the nutrients contained remain in the finished granola. In our production, we germinate the buckwheat ourselves and mix it with fruits, seeds, nuts and linseed. The granola is then formed from this mass and dried in a gentle drying process for around 32 hours. All the ingredients we use are selected under strict control aspects, cut and mixed by hand and then dried at 42°C.

We only produce in small quantities in order to always be able to provide the quality we want. Since regional production is becoming more important these days, we also produce and pack regionally in northern Germany.

Our raw granolas contain no sugar or sugar substitutes in the form of syrup. The sweetness of our products comes from the use of dates, bananas and apples, i.e. from the natural sugar in the fruit. The nuts it contains provide an aromatic, slightly bitter note.

The apples we use come from the Old Country, the buckwheat and flaxseed used come from Europe. We try to avoid long transport routes for our ingredients, and we only process untreated ingredients. So only the best for your breakfast.

Thanks to the gentle manufacturing process, we can guarantee the greatest possible preservation of all the nutrients and vitamins contained in the granola. Due to the drying temperature of 42°C, the majority of the vitamins and nutrients are retained in order to be able to give you the best for your body as the end consumer. By processing the best ingredients by hand, we want to get closer to snacking on raw food like it was in grandma's time.

Foodstuffs produced industrially in long processing chains only have a fraction of the quality that the sweets of grandmother's days brought with them. Just as they hardly provide you with any valuable nutrients because they have been processed too much. We want to counteract this situation. Raw food is far better for your body and easier to absorb, which is why we take as few steps as possible in the processing chain of our products.

Sprouted buckwheat as a granola base: only the best for breakfast

Sprouted buckwheat in particular offers a multitude of advantages. It is known as a gluten-free nutrient bomb and is both vegan and gluten- and lectin-free. Both gluten and lectin can contribute to problems in the gut. Another advantage is that buckwheat has high-quality proteins of biological value, so it provides all the essential amino acids. Sprouted buckwheat is also very rich in minerals and vitamins such as potassium, calcium, iron, B vitamins and vitamin E.

Sprouted buckwheat is beneficial for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels or high liver values. The sprouted buckwheat is actually much more valuable at this point than natural buckwheat. During the germination process, the vital substances contained in buckwheat explode, the enzymes awaken, the proteins are made easier for the body to digest and the sprouts are metabolized in an alkaline manner. As you can see, sprouted buckwheat is a vegan all-round talent when it comes to good nutrition. Like the flaxseed we use, it also contains a large amount of the very important omega-3 fatty acids.

Raw Granola: sprouted buckwheat - lemon - almond

Ingredients: Sprouted buckwheat, bananas, activated sunflower seeds, dates, activated pumpkin seeds, activated almonds, oranges, lemons.

By activating the almonds and the sunflower seeds as well as the pumpkin seeds, the body can process them much better. To activate the raw kernels, nuts and seeds are first soaked and then dried again. As a result, the inhibitors contained are broken down and at the same time more of the valuable nutrients are released. This creates easily digestible raw food.

The fruits give our raw granola its natural sweetness, which is pleasantly light and natural. The nuts used are of the highest quality and bring that special something to your breakfast in terms of taste. The fresh note of the lemon goes perfectly with the natural acidity of raw yoghurt and at the same time harmonises with the rather tart component of the almond. A taste experience that awakens holiday feelings and brings a fresh lightness to breakfast, especially in summer.

Raw Granola: Sprouted Book Second - Apple from the Old Country

Ingredients: sprouted buckwheat, apple, activated sunflower seeds, dates, activated pumpkin seeds, linseed, dried apple.

In this granola variant, too, the raw nuts, seeds, flaxseeds and kernels are activated before processing in order to get the best out of them. The freshness of the apple brings an interplay of sweetness and light acidity to the raw granola, which is perfectly complemented by the nutty note of the sunflower seeds and the sprouted buckwheat. The flaxseeds it contains are extremely good for digestion. In combination with each other, this creates a breakfast that meets the criteria of raw food, is vegan and satisfies your desire for muesli.

Due to the many valuable minerals, vitamins and fiber as well as the large amount of vegan protein that the sprouted buckwheat provides, our raw granola is a valuable snack for young and old. The calories it contains provide energy for the day, although raw granola can of course not only be eaten for breakfast. Our Raw Granola also offers a delicious and healthy raw food snack at any other time of the day.

The use of granola

Raw granola is suitable raw, for example, as a topping for smoothies and can be used for baking. Together with some fresh fruit and nuts, it also makes a great topping for yoghurt, but can also be enjoyed in the classic way with cow's milk or vegan plant-based milk for breakfast.
No matter what age you are or what time of day you eat our raw granola, raw food is good for your body while you eat something delicious at the same time.

Raw granola with sprouted buckwheat is a real alternative, especially when breakfast before school or work needs to be done a little faster. Eat it with milk or top your yoghurt with some fresh fruit and you have a nutritious breakfast that will give you the energy to start a great day. As a topping, the Raw Granola offers a new texture in the mouth and makes a simple meal that much more exciting.

Health for body and mind with Raw Granola

The raw snacks from HÄPPYSNÄX enable you to do something good for your soul and your body at breakfast. Everyone likes to snack, no matter what personal preferences you have. In today's world, it is not always easy to also provide your body with good nutrients. We at HÄPPYSNÄX have made it our mission to preserve most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our raw ingredients because the well-being of our customers is particularly important to us. We want to offer a real alternative to conventional snacks and breakfasts, so that you and your family can treat yourself and your family to something sweet without hesitation.

Promote healthy eating habits with HÄPPYSNÄX

With our raw food snacks you can show your children that a healthy diet doesn't have to be boring. We all want our loved ones to be happy. We support this wish with our delicious raw granolas, fruit chips, raw cookies and many other products for breakfast and as a snack.

We train our children in particular to love industrial sugar through conventional sweets - the craving for sugar is a vice that we carry around with us for the rest of our lives and that can only be avoided with balanced, sugar-free snacks. In addition, in contrast to most industrial products, our snacks offer many important vitamins and minerals that benefit your child's development.

Calories are not just calories. It's important to understand what calories can give us, both positive and negative. Despite the high calorie density in raw granola, only the most valuable nutrients are included in this raw food, from which our body can draw. Understanding this principle should be an important part of our teaching to our children.

Sustainability is important to us

We use almost exclusively regional products. The nuts and flaxseed used also come from nearby, only our dates have traveled a little further. Due to the regional production in northern Germany, our goods have short distances to you, which is good for the environment. With all these measures, we want to make a contribution to a better world in which our children and grandchildren can live a long, happy and, above all, healthy life.

Order now and convince yourself of the taste and quality of our products with a delicious breakfast!


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A perfect start to the day with our RAW buckwheat granola .

The untreated buckwheat is sprouted, the seeds and nuts are soaked in water, mixed with fruit and dried at 42 degrees so that many vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

Buckwheat is a nutrient-dense food and tastes like grain - but it's not. It naturally contains no gluten.

Why do we germinate buckwheat and activate the seeds? Nuts and seeds are generally difficult for the human body to digest. Germination makes them easy to digest and the body can absorb many more nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The seed prepares to grow with all its might - the bioavailability of the plant substances is at its maximum. Many unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids are formed. And when we top the seeds with fruit, these make for a super nutritious, delicious breakfast or afternoon snack.

Sprouted buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, apple (22%), dates, freeze-dried raspberries (3%), dried apple (3.3%), linseed

May contain traces of gluten and nuts.

*The ingredients naturally contain sugar.

nutritional values

Per 100g

Per serving (35g)

Energy in kJ 1857kJ 650kJ
Energy in kcal 444kcal 155kcal




hereof: saturated fatty acids






of which sugars*



fiber 9.2g 3.2g








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