Ra Hygge - BIO COFFEE with CHAGA in beans - organic, low-acid with Chaga extract (1 kg)

CHAGA COFFEE - Organic Coffee with chaga mushroom extract (1 kg)
Low-acid and craft-fired - a balanced dose of energy, ethically and sustainably sourced


Chaga coffee contains 226 mg of extract per serving / cup.

IMPORTANT: the extracts are water soluble and should not be compared with dry powders. Extracts show 5-10 times stronger action than powdered mushrooms. In addition, powdered mycelium is much cheaper to produce, is not water-soluble, and does not produce the desired effect when combined with coffee. In turn, double extraction provides the maximum health benefits that we can get in this case.


Roast profile: dark roasted

Thanks to the mushroom extract, our espresso is highly concentrated and can appear stronger than other dark roast coffees.

When we look at the color of the whole beans that are covered in a dark, almost black extract, it can be misleading.


Flavor profile: rich and full body

Rich and full body with nutty notes of almonds and a wonderful, earthy aroma from mushroom extract.

Thanks to the extract, we get the umami effect, which in our opinion gives the best balance in the case of dark roasted coffee.


Origin: Peru; Finland and Siberia

Green coffee beans come from small organic crops in Peru.

Organic mushroom extracts come from Finland and Siberia.

ecological arabica coffee from Peru (98%), ecological extract (from double extraction) of chaga mushrooms (inonotus obliquus) (2%).



Packaging: 1 kg / 83 servings

Serving size: 12 g per cup



Store in a cool and dark place. Store in an airtight container after opening.


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Ra Hygge - BIO COFFEE with CHAGA in beans - organic, low-acid with Chaga extract (1 kg)

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