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Smoothie rolls - the natural gummy bear alternative

While we all like to think back to grandma's dried apple chips, the uncontrolled consumption of sugar is unfortunately increasing worldwide and we don't always pay attention to it when shopping. If it is important to you to take a step back to nature and still offer your children a snack or two, nothing stands in the way. If you have decided to shop consciously, you have come to the right place. After all, not only gummy bears and co can be found on the sweets market.


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You can shop with us with a clear conscience when it comes to finding a delicious, sustainable snack that has found its way back to nature with loving care. Relive fond childhood memories with the indulgence of a smoothie roll!

There are still far too few alternatives to gummy bears without additives and industrial sugar. If you like to snack on something sweet in the evening on the couch or on the go, fruit rolls are the best choice instead of conventional wine gums. While we fall straight into a sugar trap with classic gummy bears and also consume sufficient amounts of gelatine and colorings, HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls do without the harmful companions and thus offer a snack in raw food quality. Fruit rolls are therefore the best alternative for you if you like to snack on the one hand and still want to order a natural snack on the other. No matter what flavor you want to buy.

Not sure? Simply order a sample pack or a small pack of a variety and try the ingredients without any artificial additives! So you are raw and vegan on the go.

Only natural ingredients

Even if the smoothie rolls are extremely similar to conventional gummy bears in terms of enjoyment, they are made from 100 percent natural ingredients. In this way you can snack to your heart's content and still only eat pure dried fruit. Any additions are completely eliminated with the HÄPPYSNÄX fruit rolls. The focus here is solely on the fruit, which makes the smoothie rolls particularly delicious and guarantees that you can buy fresh from our range right off the bat.

If you nibble smoothie rolls, you nibble vegan. While fruit gums from the trade are often made from pork skin gelatine and are therefore a thorn in the side of every animal product critic, the situation is very different with our smoothie rolls. These are free of animal ingredients and are therefore also ideal for vegans as a substitute for gummy bears. Not only nutrition-conscious people can confidently shop here.

This is how HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls are made

Naturalness lasts the longest. This is also our credo, which is why HÄPPYSNÄX fruit rolls are carefully made from pure fruit and without any additives. We limit ourselves to drying the pureed fruit and thus offer a product that should immediately catch your eye when shopping. In a natural way, we take the fruit in traditional manual work and limit ourselves to drying the smoothie made from it. A thoroughly vegan product in which the nutritional values are naturally retained and a delicious treat is guaranteed.

For the production of our fruit rolls we only use the highest quality and local ingredients. For 35g fruit rolls, we process 250g of fresh fruit in traditional manual work. The fruit is carefully selected by HÄPPYSNÄX - only the best products are processed into smoothie rolls. We strictly reject gelatine, dyes, industrial sugar and the like. Fruit is the only ingredient in HÄPPYSNÄX fruit rolls.

We carefully puree the fresh fruit by hand and then dry it at a maximum of 42 degrees. This guarantees that many vitamins and nutritional values are retained. After all, the smoothie rolls should not only taste good, but also provide our body with the necessary substances. The processed fruit is then dried for 24 hours.

Finally, our smoothie rolls are lovingly packed by hand. You can buy your favorite variety in different pack sizes, ranging from 35g to 200g. From now on, there are no longer any limits to the pleasure of snacking.

There is something for every taste

We produce HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls in many different flavors. So you can buy exactly the fruit rolls that you and your family like best and banish the classic gummy bears from your candy shelf.

Just pure sweets?

Of course, you can simply buy HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls and then snack on them from the bag. However, if you take a closer look, there are countless other areas of application for the snacks, which also look pretty. There are no limits to the imagination after shopping.

1. Decorating pies and cakes

2. Decorative topping for ice cream or yoghurt

3. Garnish fruit salad and co

4. Making homemade granola bars

5. For filling pancakes

Advantages of the HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls

Have you always found it exciting to choose a fruit and then dry it? You can't find a suitable product when shopping? HÄPPYSNÄX fruit rolls offer you exactly what you normally miss when shopping. Our product contains nothing but fruit.

In contrast to conventional fruit gums, our smoothie rolls are made from 100 percent fruit. We do not use any dyes, preservatives, added sugar or other substances. At HÄPPYSNÄX, the colorful sweets are lovingly handcrafted according to traditional methods. In this way we guarantee that with every bag you will not only get a fruity snack, but also a good portion of vitamins and nutritional values.

HÄPPYSNÄX smoothie rolls are not only vegan, but also raw. This means the processing temperature never rose above 42 degrees. The smoothie rolls are made according to the "back to basics" principle: puree and dry. You can also order these smoothie rolls as a raw vegan with a clear conscience.

An overview of the advantages:

1. No added sugar

2. Many vitamins and nutritional values are preserved in raw material quality

3. Lovingly handcrafted

4. Especially popular with children

5. Tasty gummy bear alternative

6. Contain fiber from the fruit

How should I store the smoothie rolls?

Drying concentrates the fructose, which naturally makes the smoothie rolls last longer. Traditionally, sealed in a dark place, they can be stored for up to a year.


If you want to offer yourself and your family a good, nutritious snack that not only tastes good but also contains enough vitamins, then you are making the right choice with HÄPPYSNÄX fruit rolls. So if you want to buy a product that only consists of fruit, you can buy from us with courage!

Smoothie in snack format!

Only two ingredients: regional fresh apples from the Altes Land and juicy strawberries.

Apple (62%), Strawberry (38%).

nutritional values

Per 100g

Per serving (35g)

energy 1129kJ 395kJ
Energy in kcal 270kcal 95kcal




hereof: saturated fatty acids






of which sugar (fruit-specific



fiber 13.6g 4.8g








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