BIO Soplówka jeżowata / lion's mane (Hericium) - InLife Creations (150 g)

BIO Lion's Mane (Hericium) - InLife Creations (150 g)
InLife Creations mushrooms are characterized by the highest quality:
  • grown, produced and packaged in the EU
  • tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • certified from organic farming
In addition to vitamins and minerals, lion's mane contains special compounds such as hererin, erinacin, erinaceolactones (having a positive effect on the nervous system) and certain glycoproteins and polysaccharides responsible for their beneficial health properties.

The lion's mane is called "old man's beard", "monkey's head" or "lion's mane" because of its distinctive appearance. This fungus has long been recognized as a vital mushroom in Eastern medicine. Hericium in ancient China was used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, ulcers, and acid reflux. Hericium is currently the subject of many studies aimed at confirming the properties attributed to it. Fruiting bodies can be collected in spring and autumn, but in our conditions it is extremely difficult due to their high sensitivity to changing weather conditions.

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BIO Soplówka jeżowata / lion's mane (Hericium) - InLife Creations (150 g)

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