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Med & Life Sp. z o. o

is a manufacturer of Viofor JPS System medical devices, which have been constantly developed since 1999. The therapeutic effectiveness and high technological level of our products are the result of many years of research and development in the field of medicine and technology. Currently, our catalog offer includes 60 items, and the available devices provide low induction magnetic field therapies - magnetostimulation and magnetotherapy, light therapy - laser therapy, ledotherapy, PDT and combination therapies - magneto-laser therapy and magnetoledotherapy.

We work under the slogan of High-Quality Medical Devices. The certified scope of activities is "design, development, production, distribution and service of medical devices for therapy, diagnostics and rehabilitation".

The new technology and high quality of our products as well as Med & Life's commitment to the development of innovation are confirmed by the certificates, awards and prizes received for the company and the product, and the solutions used are protected by a patent.

Our products are widely used in leading medical institutions, clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine, wellness & spa as well as in veterinary medicine. Patients particularly appreciated our achievements in adapting devices to comfortable and safe use at home in chronic diseases, supporting treatment, complications and intensive regeneration.

Established in 1995


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