Premium Hemp Protein Cold Pressed (1 kg)

Składniki: Nasiona konopi (koncentrat) z Wielkiej Brytanii


Hemp protein consists primarily of two proteins: edystin and albumin. These are easily digestible proteins, the so-called globular (glomerular) proteins, i.e. the most digestible proteins that are directly absorbed by the muscles . Moreover, hemp protein has an advantage over meat, dairy and eggs as it contains ONLY essential nutrients, which means that they are fully utilized by our body.

Hemp protein has long been recognized as an excellent source of nutritional value and energy. Hemp has been used by mankind for over 12,000 years. Hemp is a powerful dose of nutrients that provides the body with a completely natural source of protein.


  • the content of fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9
  • source of fiber
  • gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
  • chlorophyll content
  • source of vitamins and minerals
  • regenerates and repairs body tissues
  • source of vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, copper


Hemp contains 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids our body needs but cannot produce on its own. It is the best source of essential fatty acids in the plant world - containing more of them than any nut oils. Hemp is also characterized by the ideal proportions of Omega 3 and Omega 6 (3: 1 ratio).

One of the best sources of protein for vegans and vegetarians, it is also considered an easily digestible protein.

A rich source of phytonutrients with benefits such as:

  • protection of the immune system
  • cardiovascular system
  • tissues
  • cells
  • skin and internal organs

Cold-pressed Premium Hemp Protein is the highest quality and 100% natural.

A serving of 30 g of Cold-pressed Premium Hemp Protein is the manufacturer's recommended daily dose of this protein. Hemp protein provides energy and is great for muscle regeneration after training.


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Premium Hemp Protein Cold Pressed (1 kg)

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