GTC Sellers Vegan Shop Gallery

Terms and Conditions

For cooperation in the distribution of products through the ICT systems of the Vegan Shops Gallery platform

These terms and conditions regulate the cooperation between the Vegan Shops Gallery e-commerce platform and its distribution partners.


The sales platform was created for the sale of vegan and ecological products. The main objective is to increase the sale of these products and to promote veganism and ecological products.

§1 Introductory Provisions
  1. Definition of terms:
    1. VSG - Vegan Shops Gallery E-Commerce Platform UG
      (limited liability) – platform operator
      Vegan Shops Gallery E-Commerce trading platform UG
      limited liability)
      HRB : 741127
      Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 10
      76131 Karlsruhe
      Tel. +49 (0) 721 5099 8925
      WhatsApp: 0172 8520 420
    2. Distributor/Reseller – a company offering its products on the Platform
    3. Buyer – a consumer who purchases the Products offered on the Platform
    4. Platform - an ICT system consisting of software, databases, virtual space (own or VPS servers), electronic data transfer system and domain names, representing a system of virtual (online) shops focused on a specific project and are available at on servers with VSG access rights, which are equipped with mechanisms to support the online sales and has its own databases
    5. Product - all available goods and services offered on the Platform
    6. Terms and Conditions - these Terms and Conditions. The contract is concluded with the acceptance of the terms and conditions.
    7. EU area - all countries that belong to the European Union
    8. EU Distributor/Distributor - a distributor/distributor located in the EU Territory
    9. EU Buyer - a non-EU resident buyer
    10. Foreign company - distributors based outside the EU
    11. Foreign buyer - non-EU resident buyer
    12. Intra-community delivery
    13. Export and import duties and taxes
  2. Contract
    1. By registering on the platform, the sales partner applies for the conclusion of the contract in accordance with the conditions contained in these terms and conditions and the appendices to them.
    2. The contract is concluded as a distance contract between companies
    3. The contracting parties are:
      • VEGAN SHOPS GALLERY E-Commerce Platform UG (limited liability), Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 10, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany, and
      • Distributor, according to its registration data
    4. Withdrawal from the contract (revocation) is only permissible under the general conditions governed by German law according to the applicable regulations.
    5. The contract is concluded from the date of approval of the registration according to §3 paragraph 1 and 2 of the terms and conditions.
    6. The duration of the contract is unlimited.
    7. Each party may terminate the contract without notice. The contract is terminated by the sales partner by deleting the account on the platform and VSG terminates the contract by deleting the sales partner's account on the platform.
    8. VSG may terminate a Distributor's account upon completion of all sales in progress, including any returns. Until then, the account may be suspended to prevent further sales.
    9. The blocking of the sales partner account (§3 Para. 33 AGB) does not constitute a termination of the contract.
    10. A distributor may only have one account on the platform.
    11. After closing an account, a distributor may not open a new, additional account on the platform without the separate consent of VSG.
    12. when opening a new, additional account on the platform, additional, individual conditions and fees can be specified for the sales partner.
    13. A foreign company has an obligation to familiarize itself with and comply with the provisions of EU law. The foreign company cannot invoke the law of its country under this contract.
  3. Object of the contract
    1. The subject of the contract between the parties is to enable the sales partner to offer and sell products in electronic form via the ICT channels offered by VSG
    2. In the context of the contract, the buyer is the consumer who contracts directly with the distributor through the ICT channels available on the platform. VSG does not purchase any products from sales partners. The contract is also not an agency, commission or commercial agency contract.
    3. Under the terms of the agreement, the distributor offers, sells and delivers the ordered products, while VSG provides technical support, advertising and promotion for the platform and the products.
    4. These terms and conditions do not apply to the "Life Style" catalog service
  4. Deliveries
    1. The parties will deliver correspondence by email or other electronic communication channels available on the platform.
    2. The parties may send their correspondence by ordinary mail to the address given in the registration documents. The official address of the VSG is published on under imprint. The address of the sales partner can be found in the documents submitted to VSG. If the obligation to update the address in the event of a change of address is neglected, documents sent to the last address given will be deemed to have been delivered.
    3. Messages sent by email are deemed to be delivered the next business day after they are sent, with no delivery confirmation or DNS delivery report required.
    4. Messages sent via WhatsApp are considered delivered on the next business day after they are sent.
    5. The parties may not rely on SMS, MMS or Messenger messages.
    6. The parties cannot invoke verbal agreements.
  5. The Platform may not be used by a Distributor as a place of advertising and promotion for another virtual or brick-and-mortar store. It is forbidden to advertise or place links to websites and addresses of websites where you can buy anything. This provision does not apply to the mentioning of a website address in the imprint.
§2 offer
  1. Registration and Login.
    1. The website is intended for companies only. The information contained on the site https://www.vegan/ can be accessed without registration. The VSG reserves the right to restrict your access in accordance with the provisions set out in Section 2.
    2. Access to the website is granted by VSG at its sole discretion and after initial verification of company details.
    3. The information contained on the website is solely commercial information. They do not form part of any contract and no reliance can be placed on the content of this website. All terms of cooperation are exclusively determined by these terms and conditions and the contract between the distributor and VSG.
    4. The user logs in to the website with their login and password.
    5. If a Distributor forgets their password, they will receive a new password after requesting it via the email address provided during registration.
  2. Scope of information and responsibility of VSG
    1. All materials on this website are for informational purposes only. In particular, the tax and legal information does not constitute legal advice and a distributor may not rely on the information contained therein.
    2. The VSG is not liable if the information and advice published does not comply with the applicable regulations.
  3. The registration and use of is non-binding and free of charge. Registration on does not constitute a contract within the meaning of the law and these terms and conditions.
§3 Registration and sales panel
  1. A distributor registers by filling out the form on, accepting these terms and conditions and submitting the data via the electronic. data transmission system (Login button).
  2. The registration requires the approval of the VSG. The distributor will be notified of the approval of the registration to the e-mail address provided during registration. After the registration has been approved, the distributor can log into the distributor panel.
  3. Only registered companies offering vegan products can register
  4. The sales partner is obliged to submit the following documents to VSG:
    1. Entry in the business register or equivalent entry in the trade register in accordance with the registration requirements of the country in which the company is established
    2. The VSG is not obliged to check the attached documents before checking the contractual partner.
    3. A copy of a document confirming the identity of the person authorized to represent the company
    4. Tax number
    5. EU Reseller - OSS Registration Confirmation
    6. Exact address and contact details
    7. If the manufacture/distribution of the product type in question imposes additional concessions, licenses and other additional authorizations or certificates on the distributor - copies of these documents together with a translation into German - The VSG can request that these documents be submitted in German or English.
    1. The VSG approves the user's registration within 7 days from the date of the application and the submission of the required documents. Before approving the registration, the VSG may request the presentation of the commercial offer made available on the platform.
    2. The user will be informed about the rejection of the registration as a sales partner to the email address provided during registration.
  5. The VSG can refuse to register a sales partner in the following cases:
    1. He has not provided the documents referred to in point 4.
    2. The commercial offer of the distributor includes products other than those mentioned in point 3. Even if they are not presented on the platform.
    3. The current image of the distributor on the Internet raises doubts, especially if the distributor does not have his own website or if the website does not meet current technical and image standards or has a large number of negative comments.
    4. if the distributor is subject to bankruptcy or other winding-up proceedings.
    5. enforcement proceedings against the distributor are pending or have been unsuccessfully completed
    6. There are other credible and legitimate financial and solvency concerns. This includes negative entries in the official register of debtors or a negative assessment by an insurance company.
    7. The VSG decides that there is an economic interest in refusing the registration and the product range or the individual sales conditions or prices of the sales partner indicate that the sale of the products is very unlikely
    8. The distributor offers high value products and there is a risk of loss if the distributor does not process the returns. In such a case, the VSG can refuse registration or make it dependent on the provision of financial security to cover the refund to the buyer.
    1. When applying for enrollment, the distributor selects the type of account:
      • Subscription Account
      • Commission account
    2. Cannot change account type.
  6. Once the registration is approved, the contract, which is defined by law as an electronic business-to-business distance contract, is concluded.
  7. Once the application is approved, the Distributor may log into their account on the Platform and have limited access to the Services.
  8. After registering, a reseller manages their account on the platform.
  9. As part of a sales partner account, a sales partner shop is set up on the platform.
  10. In the sales partner shop, buyers have access to their products and all their data.
  11. After registering on the platform, the sales partner completes their data and is obliged to provide complete contact and registration data. In particular, it is necessary to indicate the registration data, the address, the contact details and the VAT number, and to add the own conditions of sale (General Conditions of Sale for Customers), as well as the conditions for the return of the goods purchased and the privacy policy.
  12. The sales partner's own regulations may not change VSG's general terms and conditions of sale.
  13. After the distributor has added the required data referred to in paragraph 13, he requests the verification of the data with the "Verify" button.
  14. The VSG checks all data immediately, at the latest within 7 days. A positive review can be revoked. The VSG is not obliged to check the correctness of the data.
  15. The VSG can change the data if necessary and approve the registration.
  16. If the data is incomplete or violates the provisions of the terms and conditions, VSG can, if a change is not possible, refuse the sales partner's approval and request that the data be corrected or completed. After the correction has been made, the distributor applies for approval of the registration according to paragraph 15.
  17. Any change to the information listed under the above paragraphs requires a new review by the VSG.
  18. The sales partner is obliged to update his contact and registration data in the imprint.
  19. Should it become necessary due to a change in the VSG regulations or a change in the law, the sales partner is obliged to change his own terms of sale immediately.
  20. Logging into the platform is done by entering your login and password. The login is assigned by VSG and cannot be changed.
  21. Changing and remembering the password.
    1. The reseller can change his password in his panel.
    2. If the reseller forgets their password, they can use the automatic password reset option. After submitting the request, the sales partner will receive an email with a link to set a new password. The new password must be confirmed by clicking on the link that was automatically sent to the email address.
  22. The VSG does not know the passwords set by the sales partner.
  23. A distributor can make changes to their account, add, edit and delete products, and change product prices.
  24. The distributor has access to customer data, orders placed and orders paid.
  25. Each order is available in the reseller's panel. In addition, the sales partner will be informed about each order by e-mail. The sales partner receives the text of the order to be executed in the form of an e-mail (*PDF) together with all the data required for execution.
  26. The reseller registers the shipment of products in the reseller panel.
  27. The sales partner can view the current balance at VSG and, if necessary, make withdrawals within the positive balance.
  28. Reseller balance includes the value of sales, returns and fees to VSG.
  29. The balance is continuously updated. Due to booking deadlines, however, the update of the balance can be delayed by up to one working day.
  30. The distributor's balance may be negative.
  31. The reseller account may be suspended if:
    1. The Distributor fails to comply with the terms of these Terms and the Agreement
    2. The Distributor offers or promotes products made from animals.
    3. The distributor fails to meet its obligations to the buyers
    4. Distributor is behind on payments to VSG
    5. The distributor or its products have a negative rating of more than 15% of all ratings, or the dispute with the buyer is not resolved within 30 days of notification.
  32. With the suspension of the distributor's account, their products will no longer be available on the platform.
  33. The suspension of the account does not constitute a termination of the contract.
  34. After blocking the account, VSG will set a deadline for the distributor to remove the reasons for the blocking. The deadline can be extended at the request of the distributor.
  35. The account of a sales partner can be deleted if the circumstances described under clause 33 occur and the problems have not been resolved despite further requests or there is a gross violation of the terms of cooperation.
  36. Deleting the distributor's account is equivalent to terminating the contract.
§4 Sale, Delivery, Return
  1. The VSG provides the sales partner with a virtual space on the platform. As part of the Service, the Reseller can place and sell its Products to the extent and in the manner determined by the technical conditions of the Platform, using the ICT channels made available by VSG.
  2. The distributor may only offer vegan products on the platform that meet the following standards:
    1. The products contain no meat, no milk of animal origin and no other products of animal origin, including skin, eggs and honey.
    2. No animals were used in its manufacture for medical or scientific experiments on animals.
    3. Products are manufactured or distributed as far as possible in an environmentally responsible manner, avoiding intensive chemicals, plastics and other products considered non-ecological, where environmentally acceptable alternatives exist.
  3. The VSG has the right to immediately dispose of products that do not meet the conditions specified under paragraph 2.
  4. International Sales
    1. The distributor decides for himself whether he agrees to sell his products outside the EU or only within the EU
    2. The distributor may not refuse sales within the EU
    3. A foreign entrepreneur can sell his products outside the EU. EU sales are required.
  5. Deliveries of products to countries other than those mentioned in paragraph 4 are listed in the appendix to the terms and conditions. The distributor is not obliged to deliver products to markets in third countries.
  6. Reseller is obligated to exercise due diligence when adding products. The detailed terms of adding products are set out in the Agreement on the Presentation of Products (Annex to the Terms and Conditions).
  7. Any form of misleading the buyer as to the actual characteristics of the products is prohibited. This applies to both descriptions and photos.
  8. The purchase of a product takes place via the software/ICT system made available to the buyers by VSG. By approving the purchase, the buyer agrees to the terms of sale.
  9. The purchase of a product should be completed by making a payment through the payment channels offered by the platform.
  10. Payments are processed by third parties:
    1. STRIPE
    2. Paypal
    3. Other
    4. The payment confirmation takes place electronically and the payment service providers are responsible for processing the payment.
    1. When applying for enrollment, the distributor selects the type of account:
      • Subscription Account
      • Commission account
    2. Cannot change account type.
  11. After completing and paying for the order, the information will be transferred to the distributor's account. The sales partner will be informed by e-mail that the order has been correctly executed.
  12. The distributor will promptly fulfill the order on the dates and in the manner specified in the Conditions of Sale.
  13. The purchased products will be shipped immediately, but no later than 2 working days after the order and payment by the buyer. There is a possibility of determining a different shipping date due to the specificity of the product. The determination of other implementation conditions requires a separate contractual determination and the consent of VSG.
  14. All products are delivered via courier services. The delivery of the product is the responsibility of the distributor.
  15. The products must be packaged in environmentally friendly packaging that meets the legal requirements of German law. If the delivery is made to another country, the stricter law applies.
  16. The sales partner is obliged to attach the materials and information (information and advertising material) provided by VSG to the shipment.
  17. When delivering bulky products, the product must be delivered with unloading at the place of delivery.
  18. The delivery of products with a short shelf life, and especially food, must be done in such a way that their shelf life is guaranteed.
  19. The buyer has a right of return/cancellation within 100 days of purchase. The distributor is obliged to accept returns up to 30 days after the date of purchase.
  20. The buyer has a right of return/cancellation within 100 days of purchase. The distributor is obliged to accept returns up to 100 days after the date of purchase.
  21. The date of purchase is the date of delivery. If an order is fulfilled in parts, the delivery date is the delivery date of the last product in the order.
  22. The buyer is obliged to indicate this in their customer panel in order to receive a refund. The distributor shall inform the buyer of this obligation in writing together with the delivery.
  23. After receiving the products, the distributor is obliged to register them in his distributor panel.
  24. The value of the returns will be deducted from the distributor's balance and the funds will be returned to the buyer by VSG. Funds must be returned promptly, although VSG may withhold the return of funds until the Distributor confirms receipt of the returned product.
  25. If the distributor hinders the ability to return the product, after the buyer reports the return, VSG will return the funds to the buyer regardless of the actual return of the product.
  26. In the case of returns of bulky products, the distributor is obliged to collect the products at the place of delivery, including the loading of these products.
  27. The sales partner is obliged to comply with the legal provisions on returns and to ensure the conditions prescribed by German law.
  28. The right of cancellation and return does not apply to products that are required by law, in particular to products that are made to order by the buyer and to products with a short shelf life.
  29. In the case of products according to Section 30, the distributor is obliged to indicate in the product description that the product cannot be returned. The information must be clearly displayed for the buyer, along with the reason why the product cannot be returned.
  30. The delivery of the products is chargeable and the amount is calculated differently for each shipping method and for the shipping and receiving country. The seller has no way of determining the shipping costs himself.
    1. Standard shipments are automatically assigned to each additional product. The value of shipments will be calculated based on the current rates of the courier company chosen by VSG or any other schedule of fees established by VSG based on average prices for shipments of the type in question.
    2. The seller may mark the product as a non-standard/oversized shipment and in such case a flat fee of €70 will be charged regardless of the country of sender and recipient. This also applies to shipments outside the EU.
  31. The shipping costs are automatically added to the order value.
  32. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, unless otherwise provided by law or by distributor's internal rules.
  33. If the returned product does not match the product sent, has been damaged or unpacked and is unsuitable for resale through the fault of the buyer, the distributor must promptly provide the buyer and VSG with photographic documentation, a detailed description and the claim inform the buyer.
  34. In the event referred to in clause 36, VSG will, if justified, stop returning funds to the buyer or require their repayment. Pending the resolution of the dispute, these funds will be held by VSG and, after the dispute has been resolved, will be transferred to the party that has established their claim.
  35. If it is not possible to resolve the dispute through negotiation, each party - the buyer and the distributor - has the right to assert its claims in court. The Distributor is obligated to notify VSG immediately of the filing of the case with the court by providing VSG with a copy of the Complaint and then the Final Judgment.
  36. Login / add products to shop
    1. The distributor can independently add products offered for sale. Adding products is done directly in the distributor panel.
    2. The sales partner can hand over product cards and ask VSG to add products. The product card is transmitted electronically in the form of a file, as shown in Annex "A", imported from another ICT system used for online sale of products or inventory management.
    3. The distributor provides photos of the products in JPG or PNG format with a resolution of 1080*1080 px. Each photo is described according to the following scheme (file name): Product name _ No. of the photo of the product.
    4. The sales partner can also provide a link to the images mentioned under point 39.c.
    5. VSG will place the products in the shop immediately within a maximum of 5 working days from the date the product cards were handed over.
    6. Product descriptions must be accurate, free from errors, and photos must be of high quality and clear. It is the responsibility of the distributor to have the copyright or other rights that allow use.
    7. Once products are added, they become available for sale unless the distributor's account is not already active.
    8. Each product is assigned to a category or subcategory and defines the product attributes.
    9. The current stock levels are determined manually by the distributor or using the integrated ICT systems, depending on the availability of the integration on the platform.
  37. The product description must contain all required information about the product, including country of origin, composition, expiry date (if limited), warranty period and conditions, and for devices with an external power supply, the type of power supply and the energy efficiency class. The description must also indicate the characteristics of the products such as colors, dimensions and quantities. If the product has a technical card or other documents related to the use of the product, the description must contain a link to these documents or their content must be included in the description.
  38. The product description must not contain references (links) to other websites where the same or different products can be purchased. This also applies to the insertion of address data in the attached images.
  39. The price of the product is set by the distributor. The price must not, without good reason, deviate significantly from market prices for the product in question and in particular from prices for the product in question offered by the distributor through other sales channels. This does not apply to occasional advertising and promotional campaigns.
  40. The VSG only allows sales to and deliveries from the foreign markets it determines. The list of countries is subject to change without changing the terms and conditions.
§ 5 Conditions between the distributor and the buyer
  1. The conditions of sale and return, as well as the principles of processing and protection of personal data between the distributor and a buyer are determined by VSG's terms and conditions for users and the terms and conditions of the individual distributor, which are published in his shop on the platform
  2. The contract between the distributor and the buyer is concluded according to German law, unless the legal provisions directly result in the application of the law of another country.
  3. The buyer is an individual and is entitled to consumer protection rights, whether the buyer is a business or not. Sales in the B2B system are excluded. However, the exclusion does not exclude the possibility of orders by businesses, but under the conditions of sale to consumers.
  4. Should the terms and conditions mentioned under point 1 contradict each other, the VSG terms and conditions always apply. It is possible to deviate from this clause if, due to the characteristics of the product, individual conditions are required, which requires an agreement between the parties and the consent of VSG.
  5. The distributor delivers the ordered and paid products to the buyer according to the technical conditions of the platform.
  6. When the order is placed and paid for, a contract is formed between the distributor and the buyer.
  7. The legal provisions on the conclusion of distance contracts and other provisions on sales via electronic channels apply to the contract referred to in Section 5.
  8. The platform system ensures that the buyer must approve the terms of sale (contract terms). In this way, VSG ensures that the buyer who placed the order has accepted the terms of the contract.
  9. The financial settlement between the sales partner and the buyer is processed via VSG. Payment is deemed to have been made when acceptance of the payment is confirmed by the third-party payment processor for VSG. At this moment the payment claims for the products against the buyer expire and this obligation is assumed by VSG.
  10. In the context of the contract, the provisions on the consumer's right of withdrawal apply.
  11. The distributor has access to the buyer's personal data and VSG ensures that the buyer has consented to the processing of this data for the performance of the contract. The distributor may not process the personal data of the buyer for other purposes.
  12. The distributor has the right to attach additional advertising and other documents to the order in order to obtain permission to process personal data for advertising purposes.
  13. Invoicing with the buyer will only be made in euros [€].
  14. The amount of the net price, gross price and VAT is based on the Agreement on Prices, Fees and Taxes
  15. All prices and fees are quoted by the distributor in euros and are not subject to change for the buyer due to currency fluctuations.
§6 Technical Conditions
  1. The VSG provides the sales partner with electronic sales channels that are equipped with the following modules:
    1. Registration and Login
    2. Reseller panel
    3. Distributor's personalized shop with a distributor's account and its management panel, the ability to add, edit and delete data and products
    4. Sales and management module for sales and returns of products added by distributor
    5. Module for processing electronic payments
    6. Module for determining net prices for customers from all EU countries
    7. On demand billing module
    8. Automatic email notification module with generation of jobs to be executed in PDF format
    9. Automatic billing to buyers
    10. Automatic translator to ensure platform multilingualism
    11. Other helper modules
  2. VSG ensures that the platform works on the MAGENTO 2 system rebuilt for a multi-vendor trading platform
  3. VSG uses external servers within the EU.
  4. The VSG has full rights to use all mechanisms installed on the platform for commercial purposes, as well as all images and other components subject to legal protection (copyright). In addition, VSG ensures that neither the platform nor its parts are encumbered with the rights of third parties.
  5. The VSG takes over the administration and IT maintenance of the platform
  6. VSG provides server space, database support, backups and data transfer to ensure the proper functioning of the platform. Backups are made at least once a day. Backups are not performed in real time. In case of data loss, this can only apply to events up to 24 hours ago.
  7. Online payment is processed via STRIPE and PayPal, which offer all common payment methods.
  8. The platform is integrated with Google Marchant and the Facebook Store.
  9. A standard computer and an internet connection are required to operate the shop.
  10. The VSG provides SSL keys to ensure the encryption of data transmission.
  11. The VSG guarantees the security of the data on the servers and the security of data transmission by using appropriate software.
  12. As part of the contract, VSG will include products in the sales partner's shop. The sales partner can also add, edit and delete products without the involvement of VSG.
  13. In order for VSG to be able to add products, the sales partner provides VSG with the names, descriptions and characteristics of the products in electronic form together with photos.
  14. The distributor is obliged to provide photos of the products in JPG or PNG format with a size of 1080 x 1080 PX. Photos must be clear and of high quality. The photos must not contain any description other than that on the product. Above all, no contact details, company names, etc. may be added to the photos.
  15. The sales partner is responsible for the content of the descriptions and photos with regard to their correctness as well as the copyright and publication rights.
  16. The sales partner is obliged to provide an e-mail address for correspondence.
  17. In the event of a system failure, VSG undertakes to take measures to restore the system immediately, but no later than 24 hours after notification of the failure.
  18. The VSG is not responsible for service interruptions caused by natural disasters or other acts of God, global IT network failures, service interruptions due to failures of external global providers (Google, Facebook, PayPal, STRIPE).
  19. The disruption caused by the outage must not last longer than 24 hours from the time of reporting.
  20. The VSG reserves the right to technical interruptions. Each technical interruption may last a maximum of 6 hours and will be scheduled during the night hours (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) if possible.
  21. The VSG undertakes to archive and store the digital data of all transactions in order to ensure the security of the data against loss.
  22. The sales partner does not have the right to intervene in the information and communication system, to make changes to the software and the databases and to establish connections between the system and the databases.
  23. The integration of third-party systems and software into the platform is only permitted within the framework of the systems and software for which the platform is adapted or with the separate consent of VSG.
  24. The use of ROBOT sales management software is prohibited, subject to clause 23.
§7 Disputes between the distributor and the buyer
  1. The most important value in selling is customer satisfaction. The parties undertake to apply solutions aimed at realizing this value.
  2. The sales partner undertakes to react immediately to all inquiries from buyers and to answer them within 24 hours at the latest.
  3. If the content of the buyer's claim is legitimate or not, but the distributor does not incur significant costs, the distributor will try to solve the problem in favor of the buyer as much as possible.
  4. If the buyer's complaint is due to the technical conditions of the platform, of which the buyer does not need to be aware, the reseller will immediately inform the support of the complaint by transmitting its content.
  5. In the case referred to in point 4, VSG will immediately contact the buyer and ensure that the problem is solved within the limits of technical possibilities and in accordance with the terms and conditions, the terms of the regulations, contracts and laws.
  6. The parties aim to resolve any dispute with the buyer as soon as possible.
  7. If a dispute arises between the buyer and the distributor which the parties cannot settle amicably, the distributor shall notify VSG and provide any explanations.
  8. In the case referred to in Section 7, the VSG will explain its interpretation of the regulations and the manner in which the dispute will be settled.
  9. If all attempts to resolve disputes are not accepted by the parties, each party is entitled to pursue its claims in court. The limitation periods and the procedure to be followed are based on the applicable legal provisions.
§8 Financial Statements
  1. Accounting for sales
    1. The buyer pays for the purchased products via the payment service providers.
    2. The funds from the sale will be transferred to the VSG.
    3. Payments made for the sale will be credited to the distributor's settlement account, which is visible in the distributor panel.
    4. The sales partner authorizes VSG to prepare sales documents such as B. Issue invoices to buyers. A separate authorization is not required and is replaced by the agreement to these terms and conditions.
      1. Each sales invoice is dated and uniquely sequenced with seller information.
      2. VAT is calculated according to general tax regulations, taking into account the ability of the distributor to register with the OSS.
      3. The VSG is not liable for incorrect calculation of VAT. The distributor is obliged to check the correctness of the tax calculation and, in the event of errors, to issue documents correcting the erroneous entry, indicating that the gross price of the product may not be changed.
      4. Invoices issued by VSG on behalf of the sales partner are accounting documents and must be settled with the relevant tax offices, for which the sales partner is liable.
    5. The VSG creates a sales document (invoice or receipt) and forwards it to the buyer and the sales partner at the same time.
    6. The sales document bears the date of issue, a unique serial number and other characteristics of the invoice that enable its posting.
    7. In the case of returning the purchased products, the buyer will receive a refund from VSG. The equivalent of the returned funds will be deducted from the distributor's balance.
    8. In the event of the return of the products, the buyer will be reimbursed the price of the product, the shipping costs and the additional costs.
  2. Settlements between the parties
    1. For the services provided, the sales partner is obliged to pay VSG the remuneration specified in the table of commissions, fees and charges.
      1. In the table of commissions, fees and charges, the amount is given:
      2. Monthly Subscription
      3. Annual Service Fee
      4. Transaction fee
      5. Commission
      6. Fees for providing the product
      7. Fees for additional services
      8. Other contributions to the VSG
    2. Prices are subject to change. A price reduction does not constitute a change in the terms and conditions and is not a reason for terminating the contract. Increasing the prices by the amount of inflation does not constitute a change in the terms and conditions and is not a reason for terminating the contract.
    3. The VSG is entitled to change prices by up to 3% on the first day of each calendar year and to change the fees for additional services without restriction, which does not constitute a change in the terms of the contract.
    4. As part of the payments made by the distributor, VSG will make available to him, depending on the type of account chosen, according to the table of commissions, fees and charges:
      1. A functioning ICT system for storing and processing digital data
      2. Virtual server space without limitation of available space
      3. Database system for storing digital data in unlimited quantities, adapted to the number of products
      4. Ability to send and receive digital data over Internet connections without limiting the amount of data sent and received
      5. Support adding products to the database
      6. An ICT system equipped with an electronic payment processing system that allows the purchase of the products offered in the online sales system
      7. Telephone support and information for buyers
      8. Service and information for buyers in the form of data transmission by email
      9. IT service for the described system and software, with immediate response to technical problems
      10. Advertising and promoting products on a recurring basis via social media and Google AdWorsd ads and offering the products on Google Marchant
      11. Development and implementation of promotional and advertising campaigns under separate agreements
      12. Possibility to use discount codes
      13. Online payment service
      14. additional services
    5. VSG is entitled to change the transaction fee, which does not constitute a change in the terms and conditions, if this is due to a change in the prices offered by the payment service providers.
    6. The deadlines and manner of settlement of all fees are set out in the table of commissions, fees and charges.
    7. The VSG is entitled to offset all its claims according to the terms and conditions and the price list with the means of the sales partner based on the sales made.
    8. Amounts owed to buyers for returns will be paid by VSG and deducted from the distributor's balance.
    9. If the reseller's balance is insufficient to cover the debt to the returning buyers, VSG will notify the reseller and the reseller will be required to deposit the missing funds into VSG's bank account. Until payment is made, the distributor's balance will be negative.
    10. If the distributor's balance remains negative despite the deposit deadline, VSG has the right to charge additional fees according to the table of commissions, fees and charges.
    11. The sales partner receives the amounts due for completed sales directly from VSG to a specified bank account. The claims are transferred at the request of the sales partner.
    12. The reseller submits a request for payment of claims in electronic form by sending a payment request through the feature built into the reseller panel.
    13. The VSG pays the balance to the sales partner within 7 days of the application. If other amounts are owed by the sales partner to VSG between the application and the payment, the value of the credit can be reduced by this amount and the current balance at the time of payment will be paid.
    14. The balance due to the distributor is determined as follows:
      1. Gross Value of Sales
      2. Value of paid shipment fees
      3. Value of claims and fees for VSG for service fees and subscription fees
      4. Value of transaction fees
      5. Value of funds returned to buyers as a result of returns
    15. If the distributor's balance is negative, they will be notified and will be required to make a payment to VSG within 7 days of notification.
    16. The VSG can demand financial security from each sales partner in the form of an interest-free deposit to cover any claims by the buyer if:
      1. the unit value of the products offered is high,
      2. the balance to be paid to the sales partner exceeds the turnover of the last 100 days by the amount of EUR 1,500, but not more than 50% of the receivables
    17. The sales partner will be informed separately about the need for security.
    18. VSG has the right to make a security of the amount due to the distributor, subject to the security expiring 100 days after the date of sale.
    19. The VSG deducts the claims if they are secured on the basis of a request from an authorized institution such as the court, law enforcement authorities, tax authorities, enforcement authorities
    20. The VSG will withhold or deduct the claims if it is legally obliged to settle and hand over taxes or customs directly to the responsible state institutions.
§9 Marketing and Promotion
  1. The VSG undertakes to advertise and promote its platform and the products available on it. Advertising and promotions will be carried out at VSG's discretion and in accordance with the terms of the Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agreement.
  2. VSG ensures that it has staff and expertise in marketing, advertising and promotions and that promotional campaigns are prepared in a professional manner.
  3. The sales partner is not obliged to use paid advertising campaigns and additional services.
  4. Reseller is required to redeem discount coupons up to 3% of purchase value made available to buyers by VSG under the Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agreement.
  5. The sales partner can carry out his own advertising measures within the framework of the technical possibilities of the platform.
§10 Final Provisions
  1. The German language applies to the terms and conditions, regulations, contracts and correspondence. All translations are only of an auxiliary nature and the VSG is not liable for translation errors or translation-related misunderstandings.
  2. Changes to the terms of the contract (the terms and conditions) require the publication of the new terms and conditions on the website and The content of the changes will be sent to the Reseller's email address at least 30 days in advance, indicating the effective date of the new terms. The new terms will be deemed accepted if the distributor does not terminate the agreement by email within 30 days from the date of their delivery.
  3. The relevant provisions of German law apply to these terms and conditions.
  4. Any dispute between the parties that cannot be resolved through negotiation will be decided by the court competent for VSG.