Giacomo Nova Brown

It is a universal bag, perfect for any occasion. A good choice for work as it accommodates A4 documents, but also a nice accessory for evening social meetings. Perfect for the well-organized, modern woman who needs practical but classy solutions on a daily basis. It is handmade of original biodegradable Portuguese cork, in an exclusive craft workshop in Europe, 100% VEGE product.

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This man’s bag can be described with one word: immortal; always alive, always on top. A man’s premium messenger bag designed by Cork Village Brand. Made with extreme care and great attention to detail, handmade from original Portuguese cork in an exclusive craft workshop in Europe, 100% VEGE product.

• Size: Small, A5 size, perfect for work, school, university and everyday use
• Fashion: postman bag, report bag
• Gender: Male
• Labels: Made of ecological washpapa material
• Biodegradable: Yes
• Walls of the bag: Soft, flexible
• Color of additions: Silver
• Zip: fastening
• Outer Pockets: 1. At the back, the bag has one more, practical, large zipped pocket
• Inside pockets: 3. 1 under the sliding flap, which can easily fit A5 format.
Inside the chamber there are two side pockets, e.g. for keys, telephone or other small accessories; one of them is zipped
• Number of Chambers: 1
• Belt: it has a cork and cotton strap to be worn on the shoulder and over the shoulder, the length of which can be adjusted in the range from approx. 80 cm to approx. 155 cm
• Height (cm) 29
• Width (cm) 23
• Depth (cm) 10
• Weight (Kg) 0.3
• Lining Yes
• Dominant pattern: Deep brown colour saturation with a cork structure
• Layout/Orientation: Portrait

Key Characteristics of CorkVillage VEGE bags:

  • Fantastic lightness
    50% of the volume of cork is air, therefore a product is very light. It is a especial advantage for ladies who like to carry many trinkets in it or go on bigger shopping trips 

  • Resistant to damage
    The product is very durable and resistant to everyday use. The high resistance to wear and tear is due to the honeycomb-like internal structure of the cork.

  • Softness and uniqueness
    Products are very soft and customers find them evanculous.

  • Easy to care for
    The product is highly resistant to stains and scratches. It also requires little care – just clean it occasionally with mild soapy water.

  • Aged with class
    Product ages with class, like leather, and time only adds to its charm and character. It also does not affect its functional properties.

  • Antibacterial and antiallergic
    The product has antibacterial and antiallergic properties, because cork is naturally resistant to dust and the growth of mites, making its products ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.



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