Sunwarrior CLASSIC Protein - Tasteless (375 g - Rice Protein)

Ingredients - Natural: Raw Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein

Sunwarrior classic PROTEIN
Brown rice protein

It contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own and which it needs to produce all the muscle tissues, enzymes, and hormones we need to live. Rice protein, unlike other plant proteins, has each of these building blocks - key to proteins with a balanced amino acid profile - which is comparable to whey and much better than soy.

Hypoallergenic properties

Both whey and soy can cause allergies and hypersensitivity. Whey is made from the by-products of dairy products, and people who are hypersensitive to lactose may have problems because of this. Unfortunately, they are not alone in this. Many people who do not have any problems with dairy products may still experience gas and digestive problems. Soybeans, in turn, contain phytoestrogens that mimic human hormones, which can have negative effects. Soy allergies are also common.

Rice, on the other hand, is very safe and gentle to the digestive system, and also hypoallergenic. Rice is an excellent source of protein that will not cause stomach upset, flatulence, or any dangerous allergic reactions.


Rice protein is safe for vegans and vegetarians who wish to avoid animal products such as those found in whey, casein, and egg whites. But they are not the only ones who will benefit from it. Rice protein is not only reserved for vegans and provides abundant protein and complete amino acids to anyone, at any level of physical activity, and in any lifestyle.

Muscle regeneration

As a complete protein, Sunwarrior Classic Protein is ready to regenerate and repair your muscles after training. Rice Protein is slightly slower digested than Whey, making it an excellent pre-workout supplement and a useful protein for endurance athletes.

Fat burning

Protein creates a thermal effect, warms the body and literally burns calories better than other foods. This is because protein requires extra energy to be digested, so it burns more fat even hours after eating. Lean sources of protein, such as rice protein, are a healthy part of any weight loss plan.

Sunwarrior classic PROTEIN
natural flavor

15 servings in the package (375 g)

in 25 g

100 g

Nutritional value

100 kcal / 400 kJ

400 kcal / 1676 kJ


20 g

80 g


1 g

4 g

including sugars

0 g

0 g


2 g

8 g

including saturated fats

1 g

4 g


0.15 g

0.6 g


0 g

0 g

Amino acid profile

in 25 g

100 g

Aspartic acid

1540 mg

7370 mg


830 mg

3980 mg

Glutamic acid

2920 mg

13930 mg


530 mg

2550 mg


380 mg

1810 mg


1150 mg

5520 mg


800 mg

3850 mg


830 mg

3970 mg


1030 mg

4940 mg


400 mg

1940 mg


690 mg

3320 mg


1020 mg

4870 mg


390 mg

1860 mg


870 mg

4140 mg


990 mg

4720 mg


1540 mg

7370 mg


740 mg

3550 mg


260 mg

1270 mg


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Sunwarrior CLASSIC Protein - Tasteless (375 g - Rice Protein)

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