Vegan BCAA - Raw sport MAINTAIN - Strawberry (240 g)

Smak truskawkowy: Kompleks roślinnych BCAA (Leucyna, Izoleucyna, Walina), Woda Kokosowa w proszku, Truskawki liofilizowane, Burak sproszkowany, Lecytyna ze Słonecznika, szara sól morska, naturalny aromat truskawkowy, wyciąg ze Stewii (glikozydy stewiolowe).

Vegan BCAA - Raw Sport MAINTAIN

Vegan BCAA Maintain from the unique RAW SPORT series - to maintain and support physical activity and muscle strength

BCAAs can help reduce fatigue, accelerate recovery and reduce muscle pain, and improve fat consumption as an energy source. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are used during exercise because they play a special role in energy intake by improving glucose uptake and reducing insulin sensitivity.

Maintain is vegan BCAA of the highest quality

At Maintain, we use the highest quality ingredients to support athletic performance

BCAA Maintain is obtained from sunflower seeds, which is a completely different quality compared to other BCAAs on the market - often obtained from GMO corn, human hair, horsehair, or duck feathers, which can be excreted by the body even without proper absorption.

In addition, we used a powder made of organically grown sugar beet to strengthen the dilatation of blood vessels by increasing the production of nitric oxide.

We also added powdered coconut water and gray sea salt to improve hydration and replenish electrolyte minerals lost through sweat, and sunflower lecithin to improve digestion and concentration.

In our vegan BCAA Maintain, we also use organically grown freeze-dried strawberries along with coconut water powder to provide a natural flavor without the use of artificial flavors.


BCAA Maintain are tested by informed-sport.com , which confirms the safety of use for professional athletes in terms of banned substances.


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Vegan BCAA - Raw sport MAINTAIN - Strawberry (240 g)

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